Day 6,  From day one, we had started off with lectures that were punctuated with field visits on the same topic. But day six had something different for us. Our field visit and our lectures were combined and we were taken to the Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) and Agro Forestry Research Institute (AFRI), where the scientists showed us the various projects that they were involved in to improve the lifestyle of the people of Rajasthan.

At CAZRI , it was the solar energy based products that served to be the beginning of a very exciting visit. Here were products ranging from candle making machines to dryers to heaters, all based on solar energy, which could be purchased by the villagers due to its affordability.

Next, we were introduced to the process in which desert plants, which are facing extinction, are being conserved. The  efforts taken to make Julie Flora (a plant found in plenty in this desert) economically viable were showcased. After our visits, Dr.M.N.M.Roy, Director, CAZRI, briefed us about CAZRI and the projects they were involved in.

At AFRI, Agro-Forestry was the major topic. The process of growing forest plants in the agricultural fields in a condition which will benefit is agro-forestry. It is this aspect that AFRI has been trying to implement in the lands of this desert.

The evening was spent in an effort to prepare our presentations that we would be presenting to the Maharaja of Jodhpur the next day. The fun part was our preparation for a small dance that we wanted to present for ourselves and our mentors of course.

With heavy conclusions to our presentation and recommendations clouding our minds, we waited for the big day to arrive.

Prajitha T, International Climate Champion, India

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