2 thoughts on “Academic excellence and employability

  1. G.H.Asoka

    Dear Catherine and Sandya

    Please, tell me about your views about the relationship between academic excellence and language fluency relating it to CALPS (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Skills) under multiligual educcation for academic excellence ?

    If there is no academic excellence and employability, that is definitely a fault of the curriculum development and appropriating syllabi of different subjects within the curiicula through which the students are progressing their experience needed for the working world. Curriculum should link learners learnt experience with thier existing knowledge through using their creativity and cognition in a position to be applied in real life situations at micro and macro level. Unfortunately higher education in Sri Lanka, especially concerning Arts Stream, this is vivid. That’s why now competency based curriculum has been introduced in the school system and universities are expected to do the same though it has not yet happened. Academic excellence does not mean secularizing enhancement only in terms of knowledge. It should be a mixture of knowledge, attitudes, psycho-motor and interpersonal relationships at social level. Pshcho-motor aspects leads to practical excellence.

    Language is a very strong support for practical and academic excellence.

  2. Suneel kola

    If a student is getting good marks in academics,he or she wasnt good enough to create impact in future. Because that alone is not enough, he or she should have practical knowledge and sponteinity in them. The employability depends only on how the individual can think ‘out of box’….so, there is a need of making children practically more strong, which can even make the future generations better and employable
    -thank you!


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