Activity Based Learning

In this session entitled ‘Managing the Silent Revolution’ the audience watched a video which showed how Activity Based Learning (ABL) has been implemented in schools in Tamil Nadu.  We saw the teacher in a non-traditional role, not as the teacher standing as an authoritative figure at the front of the classroom, but as a facilitator of activities in which children were able to participate much more freely.  Children were encouraged to work in groups and help each other, as well as monitor their own progress.  The classroom scene was a refreshing change from visions of children sitting in rows listening to a teacher; here the role of the child is very much a participative one in which confidence and motivation are key to the learning process.

The film was a great start to the session on ABL, and will truly motivate teachers in other areas to learn from this project.

How could other schools implement ABL?

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One thought on “Activity Based Learning

  1. Anooja Nair

    Hi Catherine

    I watch the session live. The ‘Silent Revolution’ is a revolution par excellence. I had read about it here: But then I had no idea about the magnitude of the project.

    The dedication of the people involved is really appreciable. My Heartiest Congratulations to every one involved in this project.

    The introductory video was heart-warming. I couldn’t believe how disciplined, yet happy the children were in the classroom and how relaxed the teachers looked. The children were seen doing their work or helping each other with so much of dedication. Such a classroom would be the dream of any school teacher!

    I hope that this model will be replicated in every state of India.


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