Connections through Culture

Connections through Culture is the British Council’s new programme to provoke and support collaborative working between the UK and India in the arts. It’s focused on the arts industry itself – producers, festivals, curators, arts organisations and companies – and aims to build strong, sustainable relationships between organisations in the two countries.

The programme’s built around five key areas:

The Information Base: If you’re an arts producer or company from either the UK or India, and you’re interested in finding out more about the arts in either India or the UK, and about companies, artists or festivals that you might be able to collaborate with, this is your first port of call.

Creative Networking: If arts organisations or companies are going to work together, first they’re going to have to get to know one another. Our creative networking programmes in both the UK and India are designed to forge connections and break down barriers between the people in our two countries who make arts happen.

Development Support; So you have a great idea and are starting a new collaborative relationship. We understand that working collaboratively from 5,000 miles apart is difficult: so we might be able to offer some support to help you develop your project into something really special.

Showcasing Collaborations: If you’ve been working collaboratively and you’ve got something that’ll wow the world: talk to us about it.

Advice and Brokerage: if you just need some advice, or you want to get in contact with some people, or you need the British Council to make a connection for you, or you’ve got a brilliant idea but no idea where to start – we’ve got a team of specialists in both the UK and India. Our resources of experienced staff are often stretched so please bear this in mind at all times, but we are happy to try and help.

2 thoughts on “Connections through Culture

  1. Subbiah Arunachalam

    It is good to know that you are promoting a wide range of activities in India as part of your programme on exchange, especially in science and higher education. There is one thing you could do and it would not cost you much money. All the Research Councils in the UK have MANDATED open access to research results resulting from their support. And NOT A SINGLE Research Council/ Department in India [CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, ICSSR. DAE, DBT, DRDO, MoES, etc.] has done that yet. If the Research Councils UK and the British Council could persuade these Councils and Departments to adopt open access you would have done a great service to the promotion of science and scholarship in India. Will Mr Rob Lynes take this upon himself?


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