One thought on “From dust to dusk

  1. roberta

    It took 30 hours to get there and another 30 back. There is so much to say but already on the road with another BC adventure. The days were so intense I have no doubt it will take us all a few days before we are able to digest so many words, reflections, smells, tastes and diffferent starting points from all those present but could not let one more day go by before saying that we started off by discussing the concept of social justice. There are as many understanding of the concept as there are people, and as many ways for making justice and fair distribution real as there is the will to do so. A heartfelt thanks to organisers and participants for sharing their lenses. I’m sure they will soon come together in a kaleidoscope of colours we will be able box them in and find a way of moving forward by mixing the different shades so as they lighten up the dark corners of the world.


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