High speed eloquence

I want to draw your attention to Manish Sabharwal’s presentation at the Third Policy Dialogue, Session 3, Building Skills for Employability. Manish is CEO and President of Team Lease.

Manish spoke with such eloquence, wit and at such breakneck speed, that he managed to keep us all on the edge of our seats straight after lunch! His talk is peppered with so many wonderful soundbytes that I urge you to view at it in your own time. Find out what he meant by ‘the ovarian lottery’ and why  ’English is like (Microsoft) Windows.’


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3 thoughts on “High speed eloquence

  1. Anupma Diddi

    ‘Edge of the seat’ uhmmm.. is it possible to chuckle & wince at the same time? maybe if you’re listening to Manish!

    Wonder what the beneficiaries of EGMM have to say about the ‘ovarian lottery’? Surely they aren’t complaining anymore!


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