International Women’s day: Does it make a real difference to women’s lives?

We have been celebrating International Women’s Day for more than a century. Back in 1909 it was all about fighting for the rights for working women. It has over the years broadened to include all women.

Of course, as a woman, it feels good to have a day dedicated to us, but is it enough? In an ideal world, surely, we wouldn’t need to have this one day set aside every year? Women’s rights and their contribution to society would be understood and appreciated every day of the year.

The reality is that for almost half the population of the world every day is a constant struggle. In many countries women still don’t have even basic rights. They don’t have the right to vote or to education. At an even more basic level, they are not safe in the streets, or even at home. Their own bodies are not their own. Even in the most developed countries the battle for equal wages and equal rights in the workplace goes on.

In a world like this, simply setting aside a day to “celebrate” women seems like tokenism to me. We have to create a future where we don’t need women’s day anymore because we are all equally empowered.

Till then, a woman can dream….

What do you think?

Post by - Mahananda Bohidar

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2 thoughts on “International Women’s day: Does it make a real difference to women’s lives?

  1. vasisht

    Yes i too feel its very true. But i feel for this reform to come in all the male folks should also raise their hands as i feel feel they are the ones who throw their male showornism on women which make them feel weak. This starts from the parents at home to the brothers and even their own friends(girls) who compare themselves inferior to boys. I feel the only solution to this isthe the successful wOman who have achevived some thing in this society should walk uptown the weaker folks and showornism make them understand tht they can really achive some thing

  2. Kolkata

    Women are asking equality against Men but it has to be earn then saying or asking. We all know when it comes to stand on queue every one says give women chance first and that’s where women need to come out and say we are equal to men so we will stand on queue. Happy Women Day


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