Day 4  dawned with an insight into the main income generating industry of Rajasthan, Mining, by Mr.M.S.Rathore.With around 64 minerals in its earth, it provides employment to a majority of the population here. He went on to explain that illegal mining has been a reason for both exploitation of human resources and the loss of bio-diversity around the mining site.

Under the impacts of mining, health is the most important. The safety measures that are provided by the company are not effective and even if it is effective, the people do not follow some of the safety instructions due to lack of awareness. This is one major problem that needs to be addressed. Also the method of mining is still traditional which has increased the intensity of impacts.

With the knowledge of mining strong in our minds we visited the Balsamand Lake to visually understand the repercussions of mining when it is done illegally. Apart from learning the history of the lake which involved a human sacrifice, we learnt that one of the channels of this lake is to be revived soon because of water scarcity in the area of Balsamand. This gave us an insight into the effect of the people becoming dependant on the Indira Gandhi Canal for water. Next we had a look into a sandstone mine which was close to the lake and how it had affected the natural channels and the catchment area of the lake due to illegal mining.

Once back to the resort we had another NGO, ‘Wells For India’, like Jal Baghirathi Foundation, address us about the similar kinds of work they were doing for the poor in Rajasthan. This presentation delivered by Dr.Max Wilson , Chairman trustee, Wells for India, reinforced the ideas of traditional water harvesting and enabling desert greenery apart from providing sanitary and some technological supports to the poorest of villages. ‘Wells for India’, started by two Britishers, had changed the lives of the villagers to such an extent in the last 25 years that we could understand the barriers which they had to cross to achieve all this. In one word, ‘Inspiring’ will be the best word to describe our experience.

The end of the day signified that any new solution should only supplement the existing traditional methods and should not replace it.

Prajitha T, International Climate Champion, India

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