Scottish Dance Theatre

A group of warm, friendly and down to earth people who get up on stage and with intense physicality and fluid grace perform to a crowd of more than 1000. Just another dance show, you may think. But thats where you are wrong. With every consequent move they transport us to another world where we connect with the very real and human emotions that they portray. Performance is not just their strong point. With a heavy outreach programme, traveling around the city in pouring rain and maddening traffic, Scottish Dance Theatre managed to wiggle their way into this city’s heart with their commitment to teaching and sharing their love and passion for dance and movement.

Arts is supposed connect people and encourage knowledge sharing and Scottish Dance Theatre does exactly that. If the rest of the tour follows the pattern of Chennai, then it wont be just a city that loves them but an entire country.

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One thought on “Scottish Dance Theatre

  1. syed taufik riaz

    in an anxious wait for SDT’s show at KalaMandir,Kolkata(2nov’12).i am a visual artist from kolkata,working in painting & performance art.
    we have formed an artists’ collective called Performers’ independent and at the moment are working on an international performance art festival(kolkata,23-26january2013).it would b great if we get a chance to interact with you regarding the festival and works in general.with best wishes


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