How to teach the phonemic script

Every ESL teacher knows that teaching the phonemic script is indispensable. The best way to start off is to make sure that students are aware that the phonemic script can be divided into three main components – vowels, diphthongs and consonants.

The teacher can start with one at a time; usually consonants are the easiest to start with. Lay stress on certain difficult consonants based on the student’s first language. These are often the th, v/w, r, s/sh, z/zh and p/b sounds

The vowels can be broken up into short and long vowel sounds and can be taught through drama techniques. The teacher could make up a poem such as the pin on the tree, the bush like the boot.

Done with a lot of action, this can be enjoyed by both children and adults. So, the phonemic script need not only be taught with the mouth, jaw, tongue movements but the entire body can be a part of it.

Teachers can a few tricks that are listed out here. It has individual sounds of the entire phonemic script and three words with that particular sound in it.

Post by: Veera Sabzeh, Teacher of English, British Council Hyderabad

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One thought on “How to teach the phonemic script

  1. Cassandra

    Thanks for the article. My little girl is having trouble with her speech and undergoing speech therapy process. I will follow the instructions provided in the article.


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