The Future of EL education: Methodological Choices

Panel: Mr. HH Ariyadasa, Mr. David Graddol, Prof. Ajit K. Mohanty

In this main stage discussion some interesting points were raised. Let us know your thoughts and views on these issues. 

1. Advocating a shift away from rote memorisation.

2. English has to be embedded into multi-lingual school education.

3. In their current state, English medium schools are not the solution, and may actually cause failure in the educational system.

4.  (A student asks) Isn’t learning four langauges a waste of time? Why don’t we learn science instead?

5.  Moving English down to class 1 exposes the educational system at its weakest, most vulnerable point.

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One thought on “The Future of EL education: Methodological Choices

  1. Anupma Diddi

    Most of the students while preparing for the English exam memorise the Q&A (usually factual) maybe word meanings too and come ready to regurgitate. You cannot blame the teachers either for two reasons
    a) They themselves have studied languages as content based subjects & not skill based and have not been shown a new way either.
    b) because no Indian board recommends assessing all four skills so the much trodden path continues to be the chosen one.

    What i fail to understand is what prevents institutions from framing their own language learning policies. Since our inception five years ago we have set aside 30% for speaking/listening skills, and that has done wonders for our learners from linguistically diverse backgrounds.

    Many of our learners are second generation English speakers but don’t have much support from their parents for they are “proficient in English on paper only’. Our focus on these two essential skills is boosting the confidence of not just our learners but their parents too.
    About time principals/managements be guided by the logical order of skills for Lg learning: First you hear, then you speak. Speaking helps you read which ultimately leads to fluency in writing.

    Unfortunately we practise the reverse and so we have instances like those quoted by Manish “I have done my ‘BA Eng’ in Hindi!”

    SO SAD but SO TRUE!


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