Where should Teacher Educators come from?

In the parallel session, ‘In-service and Pre-service English Language Teacher Education’, the room split into two groups to discuss the best way forward for in-service and pre-service teacher education.

One recomendation that came out was that Teacher Educators should come from schools and not from institutes or universities. They should be good teachers with a lot of practical experience and not traditional academics with doctorate degrees. What do you think?

Who is going to select these teachers? How to select them?
Should teachers be allowed to nominate themselves?
How do we replace the good teachers who we take out to become teacher educators?
Your comments please.

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2 thoughts on “Where should Teacher Educators come from?

  1. Shefali

    I would say a good teacher does need a lot of practical experience but should have sound knowledge of the subject matter at the same time.
    Why is it that we have a divide between teachers with practical experience and academics with doctorate degrees. Shouldn’t the two ideally go hand in hand?

    Apart from this I feel that a teacher educator should always have the broader picture in their mind that whatever they do finally translates into clasroom practice.

    1. Stephen

      Hi Shefali

      A very pertinent question. I would say that the reason we have far more academic than practical teachers is to do with how you view the learning process. If you take an ‘information download’ approach, then you would be looking for subject experts. However, in my experience as a learner you need something more than just a subject expert if you actually want to learn anything. And a teacher should want to teach. Woodly Allen said, “Those who can’t do – teach. Those who can’t teach – teach gym”. I found this to be pretty true all the way through my further and higher education in the UK. Most of the teachers I encountered were basically good students who finished their studies and went straight into teaching other students. I wonder if things have changed since then…


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