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Kasvi’s Biopoem

Humble, Clumsy, funny
Sister of Kanav
Loves photography, chocolates and Fashion
Felt a rush of adrenalin when went the first time on stage
Has a fear of darkness, ghosts and reptiles
Who writes for the school magazine
Wants to meet One Direction and publish her own book
Lives in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

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Akanshi’s Biopoem

innocent, little bit naughty, friendly,
sister of arushi and surbhi
who loves to swim, eat chocolates and
go shopping
who feels very happy about helping other
started playing volleyball at inter-zonal level
from the age of 13 years
who hopes to get admission in a good
resident of pitampura

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Siddharth’s Biopoem

Tactical, self-responsible, radical, humble
Brother of Saransh
Who love adventures, space and holidays
Feel excited, nervus and lonely
Who is scared from ghosts, exams and failure
Who was selected in national chess tournament for Delhi
Want to visit Europe and NASA
Resident of Patel Nagar

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Priyal’s Biopoem

Friend of Ananya, Nandini and Mehak
Love chocolates,friends and family
Who fells nervous on competitions and happy with friends
afraid of lizards, low marks and spiders
Who won a table tennis tournament when she was 10 years old
Who hopes that everyone should love each other
Resident of Vaishali

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Magazine ideas

Suggested Names-

· Teen charm

· Teen life

· Teenzine

· Teen world

· Chutzpah

· Cart- teen

· Young achievers

· Sparkling teens

· Budding teens

· Teen society

· Budding chinai

· Teen times or Young times

· World Transformer teens or Teens transforming the world/society

Suggested Content (articles, poems, jokes, interviews, expert’s view, parents’ view)-

· Basic life skills

· Bringing change in the society(changing the mindset)

· Daily routine

· Hobbies

· Gadgets and new technology

· CCE education system

· What types of exercises should be done to maintain physical as well as mental fitness

· Generation gap –(nuclear families in urban areas)

· Difference between the life style of teen in 20 and 21 century

· Problems faced by teens (eg: drug abuse, addiction to social networking sites, peer pressure, stress, depression, obesity)

· Solutions to these problems

· Fashion followed by the teens (eg: music, clothes , dance)

· Speak out and write right course learning experience

· Inspirational quotes by famous people (in the end)



Loving, confident, smiley, optimistic, clumsy, responsible

Daughter of Jyoti, friend of Supreet and granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Saluja

Who loves to read books, play badminton, study and go out with friends

Who felt elated when became the House Captain and creative when wrote the first poem of her life with her friend

She is afraid of lizards, darkness and travelling by air

Participates in inter-school competitions, enjoys school activities and performs excellently in class

She hopes to see herself slim, independent and successful in future and prays to god for everyone’s happiness

A resident of Noida

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Insecurity or Unconscious Impact: How and Why does Peer Pressure affect us?

People tend to create their own definitions these days, definitions that go beyond the meanings made available in conventional dictionaries; definitions of what needs to be done, what ought to be done and what is the ‘cool’ thing to do. Especially as a student in formative years in schools and colleges, we come to be greatly affected by and in turn, influence those in our seemingly large worlds, often unconsciously. Society and the process of socialisation instil in us from the very beginning the need to be accepted, especially by those around us, to follow certain dos and don’ts. In this regard, peer pressure is a very important part of socialisation.

I’m not saying peer pressure is necessarily bad. It’s just that when we, out of either compulsion or choice, spend a lot of our time with certain people, they often end up impacting us more than they should be. It is in fact often unconscious. There is no harm in learning good stuff from our school and college mates, as long as it’s about discipline, drive or focus. Peer pressure begins to harm when it overshadows the ‘I’ in you. You begin to speak the language that you’ve been told is cool. You stop thinking for/about yourself. Just like alcohol, or drugs, it is a matter of being a part of the ‘hep’ gang in school or college. The primary motive behind this is, not being one of those annoying spoilsports and often most of us fall prey to the ‘herd mentality’.

Science is the way to go. Doesn’t matter if you can’t tell sodium from sodomy, but it is the only track life has to offer or Chartered Accountancy, at best. That is as experimental as you can get after all, everyone around you keeps telling you of the various exams you could take. You will crack some of them and then there are interviews and the bait of great perks. It doesn’t matter whether you have the aptitude or not, or does it?
There is a lot we imbibe from our friends; career and education are among a few choices, but definitely the more important ones. A writer, a blogger, an actor, a dancer would inevitably find himself lost, if not outcast in a group. There is plenty of appreciation in school and college for creative talent and I’m not saying friends are not supportive, but everyone after school wants to know how fat the pay check is.

Peer pressure often stems from insecurity. If we feel that people of our age know their mind, and since we don’t seem to, the easiest thing would be to follow them. After all, we’d be starting at the same points as them. So why not take the same road? And when you are a part of close knit units such as educational institutions or departments or even social circles, it’s normal to get swayed. What we as peers need to develop is sensitivity and the ability to encourage our friends to dream, to think for themselves. We always talk of getting influenced; maybe it is time we introspect about how much impact we make and in what ways.

I don’t think it is right to condemn or look down upon those who succumb to peer pressure in terms of education or career choices. It is a fairly easy way of dealing with stress in life. And it is better than substance abuse, for sure. The only problem is you feel as sick with the results, probably more, and for much longer.

Post by : Lata Jha

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Anchit Dua’s Biopoem

•Bio poem :-
I am Mr. Anchit Dua
Creative ,lazy and fun loving
Friend of Vishesh and Nishtha
Lover of singing ,dancing and reading
I love my friends ,mom and papa
I feel loved ,admired ,and cared
I fear height ,roaches and clowns
And I’ve won prizes sometimes
I wanna meet Coldplay and Palacio
And Pitam Pura is my hometown
Now i welcome you to my world..! :)

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Biopoem – Tarun Arora

smart, friendly, polite, helpful, athletic, creative, sociable and honest
friend of Kartik and Akshat
who loves to eat chocolates, drink juices, football and electronic gadgets
who is afraid of dogs and snakes
who won football competetion and learning german
who wants to become a scientist or software engineer
Ramesh Nagar ,New Delhi

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Turn your love of Cricket into success with English!

British Council and Kris Srikkanth together on 9 May 2013 launched EnglishStrokes, an online course that helps you improve your English by exploring South Asia’s favourite sport, cricket.

If you want to broaden your horizons, work in an international company, study abroad or just use the internet, then English is the key.

The objective of EnglishStrokes is to enhance employment potential and lifestyle aspiration of young people by providing access to quality English language learning opportunities. As a result, they develop their confidence, accuracy, fluency and communicative ability. The aim is to provide an online English language course which is engaging and delivers supplementary learning.

Rob Lynes, Director of the British Council in India says, “Recognising the growth of digital media we have developed mobile and computer applications and online courses to reach out to learners of English directly. EnglishStrokes combines learning with fun and mobility and is a great way for young sports persons to develop English language skills”

Kris Srikkanth, renowned cricketer and owner of Sun Online says, “What better way to teach English than through cricket? EnglishStrokes is designed to let you have lots of fun and learn along the way.”

You will find listening activities, video content, games, conversations, cricketing facts, fun tasks and language exercises. You can also listen to anecdotes from some of your favourite cricket players, learn more about their profiles and watch them in action! This site gives you the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively in English and help you achieve your goals and dreams!


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