British Council launches ELIPS 2 with Government of Maharashtra and Tata Trust


In March 2016 British Council signed a tri partite contract with the Government of Maharashtra and Tata Trust to launch an innovative teacher training project, English Language Initiative for Primary Schools – 2 (ELIPS 2) for primary school teachers in Maharashtra, India. ELIPS 2 represents a transition from more traditional model of teacher training to a more sustainable internally-supported approach which promotes holistic professional development through local communities of practice.

ELIPS2 will focus on primary teachers in government schools in Maharashtra and will take place over three years. In the first year, the project will cover nine districts in Maharashtra and in the second year the project will be scaled up to include the rest of the state. Following discussions with the government, it was agreed that the project would include initiatives for capacity building of the State Institute of English (SIE), establishment of Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs) at cluster level for the nine districts and exploring the potential of online training programmes and social networking applications including WhatsApp to support teacher training and mentoring.

Building the capacity of the SIE through the development of a core team of English experts is central to this intervention and its sustainability. In addition, a teacher training and development model focussing on building the capacity of the state to provide appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for teachers will be developed.  This will be achieved through a combination of face-to-face training, online learning through e-moderated and self-access courses, Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs) at the cluster level, the creation of online communities through popular social networking platforms and a teacher mentoring programme. All of these elements of the project aim to put the teacher at the centre of his/her own development.

Master Trainers, and later selected Teacher Facilitators, will be supported with British Council resources to facilitate TAGs. Existing Kendra Pramukhs (KPs) will be responsible for administrative aspects of these groups. The project will therefore build the state’s institutional capacity to support and implement large-scale, long-term in-service teacher training programmes which do not rely solely on cascade training as the medium of delivery.

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4 thoughts on “British Council launches ELIPS 2 with Government of Maharashtra and Tata Trust


    I’m really interested in sharing ideas and I want to be a part of this project. I have been master trainer for ELISS in Maharashtra and now playing a role of mentor. I’m happy to see a sea change in me as English teacher because of quality training received with the help of British Council. I wish to work under the guidance of it.

  2. mirza khalid mansoor

    I am interested in sharing my ideas and I also want be a part of this very innovative project.I have been master trainer for ELISS in Maharashtra,now I am mentor. After receiving training and techniques from British council , the teachers applying this techniques in their teaching learning process .MY desire is to work under the guidance of it.

  3. deepika b.chore

    I am a primary teacher and I want to join ELIPS2. I have taken the training for 3 weeks in Jalna district. It is one of the best training program for teachers. So intrested to continue with it again.


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