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Our specially designed Summer School courses are offered for young learners in three age groups: 8 – 10, 11 – 12 and 13 – 15 years. We are pleased to announce that this year’s theme is ‘The Media’. We will explore a different topic each week. The three main topics are: The internet, magazines and television.

Through these courses your child will:
• improve speaking, writing, listening and reading skills, and learn new grammar and vocabulary
• develop teambuilding and group discussion skills by working with classmates to design, plan and present their project
• learn what their strengths and weaknesses are and where to focus their attention

Examples of the type of projects that our young learners work on are:
• writing and performing a mini-drama or play
• designing and writing a young learner magazine/newspaper
• taking part in our global art competition

We will also be running a project culminating in a poster presentation given to parents at the end of term. On the last day of the course, you will be invited to watch your child perform on stage and/or see their work on display.

We will also be using this blog to keep you up to date on the latest Summer School events and as a platform to show off the great work produced by our Young Learners this year!

Creative Writing Course: The Charbagh, Delhi

The Creative Writing Course at the British Council, Delhi attracts people from all walks of life. Bankers, entrepreneurs and lawyers meet college students, research scholars and even retired civil servants, who are united solely by their desire to pen their thoughts and churn out the story lying dormant in them.

Ajay Todi is one such student who, in his own words, ‘had a truly memorable time’ during the course. Ajay was so moved by what he says is the ‘spirit of goodwill’ in the institution that he has penned a poignant story around the ‘Charbagh’ which is the inner courtyard at the Council and our very own ‘Garden of five senses’. His descriptions will strike a chord with anyone who has spent time in the Charbagh.

Teacher-author Kalpita Sarkar's Creative Writing class, Delhi

Teacher-author Kalpita Sarkar’s Creative Writing class

“Have you seen an oasis ?
Have you seen an oasis of calm in the middle of Delhi?”

Even before I could squeak my weak nays to these seemingly inane questions, Bubble had already put one arm around my shoulder and ushered me into the sanctum sanctorum, lavishly called Charbagh. Falling in love was something I’d done several years ago; I was sensing one more opportunity already.

It truly seemed like an oasis of calm in the middle of a maddening city. The petite fountain spread its plume of crystal clear water, ruffled every now and then by the gusts of in-disciplined wind blowing either which way. The muscular Goliath pillars refused to smile, as they dutifully stood tall, perhaps asserting their supremacy as the worldly beings strutted around the hallowed ground – some aimlessly, others with dreamy eyes.

I noticed the brunette on the wall eyeing me with her burnished gaze. “Oh, it’s the face of the five senses”, Bubble exclaimed; the magnificent statue occupying pride of prominence in a place so surreal; charming to some, a source of jealousy for others. Fresh clean air filled my lungs, rebounding off the red stone blocks that adorn the majestic façade of the modern building that lies beyond.

The young palms in the corner soil-beds twist with joy, eagerly trying to catch high-fives with the swaying creeper vines that appeared to extend promises to meet them tonight. Amour at Charbagh under the summer sun? I’m game for a bet. Unable to straighten their stiff necks, tall poor-cousin skyscrapers alongside cast their furtive glances sideways, jealously eyeing the luck that this revered piece of earth enjoys; so near, yet so far – oh, to have been born in Charbagh.

And then the crows appeared; perched on the western wall, awaiting their turn; perhaps eager to amplify the din of traffic horns that has so far failed to disturb the tranquillity. All by itself, the peacock looks away in the distance, trying to catch a glimpse of its companion flying far on the horizon; while the bunch of ivy parrots search for a branch to rest; perhaps time for them to recover from the devastation caused by the now sulking bearded langur looking away with guilt written large.

The clutter of china breaks my thought – spruced in the corner, waiting for the napkins to arrive before they dish some healthy nourishment to eager rounded gourmands. Perhaps the grease would give them their deliverance for the day. With spotless white aprons, the freckled stewards try their best to mimic the MasterChef starcast; not that it matters. I am beginning to feel my stomach churn.

Bubble looked cherubic as ever with the soothing sun playing hide and seek on her cheeks; the chairs under the large brown umbrellas were far more comfortable than I’d thought; to think of it, I’d always preferred the stone benches under the winter sun. Summer was on
its way, I thought.

In the western corner, the aroma of coffee and muffins escapes through the half-opened window where the chirpy girls are unable to decide on their next rendezvous. “Care for a bite?” I could hardly hear Bubble amidst my stupor. “Oh, sure”, I said almost instinctively although not the least bit hungry – thoroughly satiated by the grandeur of the “Classic” meeting “Modernity” in a setting I had least imagined.

Ajay Todi

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SOWR Writing Competition 2013

SOWR Writing Competition 2013

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of our 2013 Speak Out Write Right writing competition

beth 8 m

In 1st place:
Natasha Gupta
(Neenaz and Chetna’s 11:30am class)

Poem on ‘My Favourite Family Member’ – Affable Aunt

Oh, she’s whimsical, smart and gregarious,
Extremely kind, all but nefarious.
We greet each other with hugs and a kiss,
Well, she’s fun like a kid, she’s utter bliss!
Cracking up at silly jokes and teasing other people,
poking fun at everyone, she’s anything but feeble!
Everyone goes green when we’re together,
She’s sophisticated and cool and light as a feather.
Cooks delicious food & thinks out of the box,
her house is beautiful, she collects antique clocks!
Eyes sparkling with mischief, even though she’s of age,
She gives great advice, oh she’s such a sage.
But, she lives far way, not in this city,
I don’t meet her very often, oh, what a pity!
My aunt, I think, is one in a million.
I’ve described her all, in short- she’s brilliant!

In 2nd place:
Nischay Malhotra
(Steven’s 14:30pm class)

Article on ‘My Favourite Television Show’

All TV stations are displaying different forms of commercial and political shows with different messages. These messages are usually trying to attack our minds to summarize those ideas to the viewers. In my opinion with basis of my psychographic profile, the most appealing TV programme is National Geographic. This programme is very remarkable as it tries to invite viewers to live curious.

The programme is bounded with questions of what we know, how we view the world, and what drives us forward. These questions are realizations that we exist together with questions that need to be answered.

The television (TV) is part and parcel of many households. Therefore, watching television is a culture of today’s modern society. I must admit that I too enjoy “sitting glued” to the TV as mum often grieves. Since I watch TV whole day long, I don’t blame mum. However, whenever I watch my favourite TV programme, she doesn’t complain. In fact, she often sits together to watch it, the ‘National Geographic’.
Whole world is brought before me, for me to taste its beauty and wonders. Personally, I am often awed and amazed with them.

I like this programme because it is very educational. It is a ‘window to the world’. By watching it, I can ‘travel’, ‘explore’ and ‘discover’ the four corners of the world. I have walked up the highest peak and captured Mt. Everest. I have dived down the deepest trenches. I have walked through the wilderness and have been amongst the wild beasts, big and small. Thus, this programme has helped to expand my horizon and improve my knowledge and experience. Before watching this programme, I can proudly say I was no more a ‘frog in the well’.

I also enjoy watching the National Geographic because it is entertaining, interesting and stimulating. I never imagined that such an educational programme can be very enjoyable.

In 3rd place:
Ravin Bindra
(Yasir’s 16:45pm class)

Article on ‘The Place where I live’

The place where I live is a little scary. In the past it was all jungle but now everything has changed. I live in Gurgaon which was full of greenery once upon a time. Before this I used to live in Delhi where I was pretty happy but if I go back there then I wont be. Due to globalisation everything has changed. Backward places where land is present, organisation are buying that land to create houses and trying to change the life of the people out there but I think thats helping. When my dad told me that we are shifting to Gurgaon I thought it would be like a village as it has village in its own name but when I came here it was not like that.

It was very different than I thought. It actually had people who were more educated and smart in every way like in dressing to living. The skyline of Gurgaon was covered with high rises than huts. I had never ever seen something like this in India in my life ever. Now I am just happy that I decided to move here than staying in Delhi. I love Gurgaon now and also my life out here is so much better than before. This place has shops of all most every brand on Earth, dinning cafes which are offering various types of food from Mexican to Spanish food. Now I have learnt a lesson that we should never judge a book by its cover like I did in choosing about the place where I should or I do live.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry this year. We really enjoyed reading through your work. Keep writing!

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Neenaz & Yasir’s Ace Teens, Class of 2013

What I love about these biopoems is that they allow us to get to know each other though our likes and fears, ambitions, achievements and dreams. I hope you enjoy the biopoems of the Ace Teens class of Summer School 2013 as much as we did. They are wonderful reflections of the spirit of these really very interesting young people!

Neenaz Ichaporia, Teacher, British Council India

B for biopoem

Tall, kind and honest
Son of Gurvinder Singh and Kawaljeet Kaur
Loves to work on computers and do creative work
Scared of failure and less marks in tests
Has got a scholar badge for two years
Who hopes to be a software engineer from IIT
And wants to make the worlds most useful software.

Kind happy lucky
Friend sister cousin
watching T.V playing Mother
Dogs Sneaks Dark
Won a baskekball match
Running 1 mile in 1hour
Visitng usa, meeting 1d,jb, snow in Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan

tall, friendly, talkative
sister of Abhimanyu
loves to shop, cook and chat
who sometimes feels excited, childish and emotional
sometimes who is afraid of water and heights
who got her first scholarship in school
she hopes to be a fashion designer or a doctor
resident of East Delhi

Friendly, funny, helpful, responsible.
Friend of Udit, Brother of Vaibhav.
Loves to sleep on the lap of nature, playing guitar, making friends.
Who feels lazy all the time and sometime exited too.
Who’s afraid of spiders, crackers, standing at a height.
Who won a swimming competition at 9.
Who wants to experience life as a pilot as well as a guitarist.
Resident of Anand Vihar.

Friendly, short, enthusiastic
Daughter of Sumit Chugh and Shalini Chugh
Loves shopping, reading books & playing
Who feels excited on her birthdays and on weekends
Who is afraid of staying alone at home
Who won a tennis match in her school
Who wishes to become a doctor, resident of East Delhi

Optimistic, energetic and friendly
Is a friend, a sister and a daughter
Loves doodling, chocolates and travelling
Who feels suprised on birthdays and lazy on weekdays,
Who fears lizards, exams and the sea,
Who’s been to Germany alone, who plays the violin beautifully
Who hopes to own a chocolate factory,
Delhi, india

Friend of Dhruv and Manan
Loves music, sports and friends
Memory of being a champ
Scared of deep waters and heights
Who won a gold and learned piano
Who hopes to play the guitar and to always be with friends
Resident of Model Town

Kind, helpful, friendly, ambitious
Friend of Om, Shamit, Sagar
Who loves friends, kids, aircraft,
Who feels shy going to new places & meeting new people.
Who is scared of heights & ghosts,
Who performed a play on stage when he was 4 years old
Who wants to go into space,
Resident of New Delhi, CHOUDHARY.

Besties are Kartik,Mridul and Arpit
Loves to sing and explore new things
Afraid of Depth,darkness and exams
Received siver medal in singing
Wants to become CEO of an big MNC
Wants to buy the ASTON MARTIN 177
Wants to help poor people to gey out of poverty.
Resident of Janak Puri.

Clumsy, optimistic, helpful, friendly
Son of Jai and Hemanti Kukreti
Loves to play badminton, listen to music, read novels
Who feels excited on weekends and loves to eat street food
Who is scared of loosing friends and relationship
Who learned cooking at 11
Who wants to visit the Bahamas and hopes to represent the nation in badminton
Resident of Vasundhara

Shy, enthusiastic, cheerful
Friend of Varun, Vikram, Vishesh
Love to play piano, volleyball and draw
Who feels over excited when he reaches a place
Who is afraid of dogs and cats
Who has performed at a concert
Who hopes to become a great pianist
Who lives in New Delhi

Athletic, tall, musician, strong
Loves Basketball, football and Xbox
Who feels happy while helping others
Who won his first tournament at the age of 10
Who wishes to watch a live basketball game
Lives in Gurgaon, Sector-57

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Steven’s Impact Class: Haiku

Haiku is one of the most famous forms of traditional Japanese poetry.
It is a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Haiku is valued for its simplicity and depth.

quiz - beijing

Cinema haiku. Can you guess the film?

Alone in the dark
You should be scared and guilty
He comes for justice

Basket Ball Player
Who Fell In Love With A Girl
Unique Love Story
Tejas Kumar

Untold love story
Of a king and a princess
Uniting at the last
Anupriya Jain


Fun knowledge of ours
Altogether leads to it
I cry and you laugh.
Bhawna Arora

A Boy runs away
from home, realizes mistake
feels sorry, comes back.
Neha Dhawan

Four friends in vegas,
Blacked out, found the missing friend,
One hitched, other ditched.
-Skand Arora

Kanika Mahna

He has the power
To blow the mighty Ten Rings
With his armor suit

Shray Gupta

The girl with no eyes
Wanted to see the world’s beauty
It was wish of her

Passionate person
fell in love with two women
select one for eternity
sanchit singh

Shi Shi festival
Are we really going there
Meet me in the Park
Asna Akhtar

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Steven’s SOWR Class: Haiku poems

Haiku is one of the most famous forms of traditional Japanese poetry.
It is a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Haiku is valued for its simplicity and depth.

quiz - beijing

The theme of these haiku is ‘My Favourite Film’. See if you can guess which movie each poem refers to. Enjoy!

Seize every moment,
Live each day like its your last.
Embrace life and enjoy
Chetana Rajesh

Fun and Refreshing
Life of three friends together
Nischay Malhotra

Michael Kennedy

True story of love,
They make love on a huge ship
He dies but love lasts…
Himanshi Goel

Up goes the baseball
Down comes money from the sky
But math may prove wrong
Mridul Garg

the closest to wolves,
the one who can’t die of age,
the man made of steel.
Abhinav Bhattacharya

A huge thing is made
Love is refreshing the air
Blood is in water
Aakanksha Marmat

Sports we would play
No one would know the sport
Three musketeers
Anubhuti Srivastava

A strange story of
a wife, searching her husband
knowing he was dead.
Sukrit Arora

Mystery and challenge,
Inside the city of gold,
Treasure lost in time.
Pankhuri Agarwal

Shray Gupta

A Fallen City,
With A Strange Environment,
And The Last Human.
Karandeep Bajaj

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Hitaishee’s Biopoem

Creative, tall, clumsy, calm and sociable
Friend of Navya, Arsh and Diksha
Loves listening to music, dance and make paintings
Who feels scared of darkness and snakes and hates insects
Who loves her grandparents, parents and friends the most
Who felt proud when she learnt cycling without any support and scored 95% in English…
Who wishes to go on a world tour along with her three best friends
Resident of Pushp Vihar
Gaur :D

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Srishti’s Biopoem

is tall, chirpy, creative and naughty
daughter of abhijit and sister to saksham
she loves singing, reading and photography
she is scared of syringes and is phobic to dark
she has been learning classical music
and wishes to own 6 pets and a restraunt when she grows up
lives in kaushambi

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Abhiyudha’s Biopoem

Grandmother,Family and Friends
Loves Choclates,Technology,Cars,Football,Cricket and my Grandmother
Who felt happy when his younger brothers was born and gave him name
Who have won 2 consecutive sculpture competition in school
Who wishes to become a scientist,astronaut or astronomer,do skydiving,go for world tour
Resident of Mayur Vihar
Pratp Singh

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Sri Akhil’s Biopoem

Sri Akhil
Patient, Clumsy, Careless ,Even tempered
Friend of Paul ,Ranga ,Sourish
Love to do Gardening,Carpentry,Sleeping
Who is naughty in school
Fears from darkness and Porcupines
Who learned to cook food at the age of 12
Hopes to visit New Zealand ,argentina and die on an aeroplane
Resident of Gurgaon

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Steven’ SOWR Class – Biopoems

What is a biopoem?

A biopoem is an 11-line poem that describes a person.

In the standard biopoem structure an individual is described through his or her experiences, hopes and achievements.

In this lesson, Steven’s SOWR students created their own fantastic Biopoems! Want to see just how good they were? Then read on!

BC building.

Hard working, regular, intelligent, joyful
Son of tarun and umang arora brother so Saumya and friend of joy and pratik
Loves pc, shiva triology, long drives
Who was on cloud nine while receiving 3 all rounder prizes and felt pain while tumbling over stairs
Hates to see a mosquito or bat around and fears earthquakes
Has won the best actor and best orator award by sheila dixits pa
Wants to stop his class again and sky diving
Lives in amar colony lajpat nagar

Confident,intelligent and a lateral thinker,
Brother of Akash,
Loves to eat,play games,eat ,watch movies and sleep,
Who had a feeling of nostalgia while graduating from the middle school,
Has the fear being abducted while sleeping at night
who had the honor of participating and winning in swimming nationals
I wish that in a parallel universe someone like would be changing the world
Resident in Priyadarshni Vihar


Peaceful,Friendly,Cheerful and Kind
Parents,my friend Kriti and my sister Anusha
Sketching, Playing tennis, Reading books and Eating junk food
When my sister was born and I not got good marks in maths
Street dogs, lizard and lifts are my fears
when I won a gold medal in 200 m race,
while I won a painting competion and was selected amongest all for dance competition
Want to go to USA and get master in maths
I live in Dwarka a good place to live

Kind, sweet and smart
Sister of Aditi and friend of Ishika
Loves eating chocolate and ice cream
Who feels great on a holiday
Who fears spider, death and earthquake
Who learned abc in a week
Who wants to be a successful designer in France
Resident of Dwarka

Intelligent, hard-working, friendly, well-mannered and determined
Sister of Shubham and friend of Spandun, Angad and Sanjukta.
Loves dancing and playing basketball.
Likes to eat maggie and is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series.
Who loves hanging out with friends.
Who learnt how to ride a bicycle at the age of five.
Who s scared of spiders and heights.
Who won first prize in poetry recitation and character dramatization competitions.
Who wishes to have a pet dog and wants to go to space.
Who also wishes to meet Taylor Swift and Tom Cruise.
Resident of Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi.

Confident, witty, efficient and delightful
Strongly bonded to Harshil, my adorable mother and motivating father
Loves to explore new things, ride rollercoasters and abet others
Experienced the joy of victory, losing closed ones and satisfaction after helping others
Terrified of snakes, isolation and poor academic performance
Who won scholarships, reached the finales of a a national event and performed onstage
Wants to walk on the path of fame, power and respect
Dwells in Faridabad

who loves to pass time with sana, prateek and chirjot, dancing and playing makes me happy.
who’s afraid of animals like snakes and dogs;
she learnt to swim when she was nine
she loves to see the helicopters flying
she lives in rajinder nagar,

Bright, polite, sincere, fun-loving,intelligent
Friend of Ankita and Projatna
Loves family, friends and songs
Who feels excited for trips and parties
Who fears lizard, spirits and dogs
Who learned Theatre and swimming
Who hopes to be famous and become I.A.S
Resident of Central Delhi

hardworking, compassionate, organised, gentle
the friend of Akshay, Ansh and Vishal
Loves to play the guitar, play football and eat pizza
Who feels content with his friends and secure with his parents
Is afraid of huge spiders, snakes and ,most of all, loneliness
was the youngest guitarist in his school orchestra
who wishes to finish hatred, racism and discrimination
A resident of Malviya Nagar

Hardworking, brave, intelligent and independent
Friend of Dili, Alexander, Vernan, Trevour
Love to play games on computer, guitar, play basketball and draw beautiful pictures
Who feels to do homework on time and play on time
Who fears of spiders, drowning in the river, fear of getting burnt by fire
Who won the Music Competition in 2012
Who wants to experience flying like a bird and wants to live in a huge castle
Resident of Greater Kailash Part 2

smart,lively,affectionate and cheerful
loved by her parents and friends ,
interested in books,gorges on chocolates and play melodious tunes on her keyboard,
who wants to live life to the fullest and wants to get over her fears
who has been awarded a trophy for music at the tender age of 7
who aspires to become successful in life and wants to keep moving forward no matter what
resident of Indirapuram

Friend of Ishan,Archit,Shreyas
Loves to play table tennis,drink chocolate milkshake,write biopoems
Who enjoys relaxing on Fridays,enjoys weekends but also looks forward to school during weekdays
Who went for his first roller coaster ride when he wasonly 9 years old,who started cycling when he was 8 years old
Who performed in a panel discussion in grade 9th,who learnt the piano when he was 11 years old, who topped 8th grade final term exams
Who wants to experience a mild earthquake
Resident of Bhera Enclave,Paschim Vihar

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