Contemporary dance in India: a tension between tradition and modernity


Photo credit: Sudeep Bhattacharya

Dancer and choreographer Jayachandran Palazhy has watched India’s contemporary dance scene grow and begin to flourish. He shares his thoughts with us on how to shape the future.

I think that Indian dance and music have deep roots because they are linked with religion. That means they have benefitted from religious belief but they are also limited by what is permissible. In the beginning of contemporary work, a lot of people were trying to make work but they didn’t have any specific techniques or skills or modes of creating work. So they were primarily interested in attempting new ideas, contemporary ideas, but their language, structure and approach remained classical and traditional, because they didn’t have the physical techniques or choreographic knowledge or stage technologies…”

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One thought on “Contemporary dance in India: a tension between tradition and modernity

  1. brake stone

    Yes truly said sir !
    Contemporary dance in India has got deeper roots in religion and its customs but yes now because of growing modern approach and knowledge among the dancers has paved the way for better development of skills and creativity .Also the role of various organisations for the development of contemporary art is ineluctable and appreciable.


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