Countdown to Third Policy Dialogue, Delhi…

Hello surfers!

I’m Philip, a Senior Training Consultant for Project English based in Chennai and I’m one of the official ‘English for Progress’ bloggers.

I’ll be covering the conference in Delhi with participants’ impressions and reactions to what is being presented.  I will also be wondering the venue during breaks and lunch in the hope of shooting a few short video interviews with speakers and delegates, as well as covering the social evening, the venue, the food…and more!

I’ll be uploading stuff ‘live’ as it happens, so make sure you blog on to catch everything as it happens. Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Countdown to Third Policy Dialogue, Delhi…

    1. Philip Clegg Post author

      Good question Austin,

      I’ve edited the title of my post accordingly…In 2007, the British Council organised its First English Policy Dialogue in Chennai and followed-up the next year in Kolkatta with the Second Policy Dialogue. The aim of the Policy Dialogues has been to provide stakeholders with a platform for sharing models of best practice, knowledge and experience. Further, it also provides an opportunity to discuss issues relating to policy and practice in English language learning and teaching. This year, the conversation will continue at the English for Progress: Third Policy Dialogue in New Delhi.
      I hope that answers your question. For more information please visit our website

  1. Susan Hillyard

    Hi Philip,
    I’ve just opened your blog after Stephen Jenner told me you would be starting on November 4th.
    I’ve been hounding him to try to find out how I could be a remote participant and when I got his answer I was preparing to leave my home in Argentina to deliver a conference in Peru. So I’ve just got back and apologise for my late comment.
    Will be following you and hope to check in as much as possible over the next week. Thanks so much for all your work and for sharing this event of such importance with the globe!

  2. Amol Padwad

    Hi Philip,

    I too will be following you closely, since I can’t be there (though schduled) for medical reasons. This space will be immensely valuable and useful for me.

    Waiting for the EPD to start …



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