Don’t miss Manish Sabharwal’s power of rhetoric

In this session, one of the highlights of the two-day policy dialogue, Manish Sabharwal casually steers us  down an enchanted river of  laid back eloquence ,  deftly pointing out some big ideas along the way. 

It’s a mesmirising  speech on ‘Skills for Employablity’.  Catch it here:

Analogies like:  Cambrian explosions, ovarian lotteries;  thought worlds, policy orphans,; good is NOT the enemy of the great, bad is better than nothing.

What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t miss Manish Sabharwal’s power of rhetoric

  1. CuriousWriter

    In a country that believes that any publicity is good publicity, ‘bad is better than nothing’ doesn’t come as a surprise, does it?

  2. sarita manuja

    I was surprised at the amazing speed of delivery; yet all was intelligble. Would he score 8.5 or 9 Band in pronunciation of IELTS speaking test?

  3. niqueluz Post author

    Hi curious writer,
    Thanks for you comment.
    When Manish spoke of ‘bad is better than nothing’ he was refering to the existence of schools. Even bad schools foster peer teaching amongst the studnets, regardless of the quality of the teaching and resource context.


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