8 thoughts on “ELT Policy Dialogue Conference.

    1. Anupma Diddi

      Still trying to absorb all that was ‘served’ at the TPD: David’s research, Confident students on the stage, the success story of Tamilnadu, Columbia’s clear bilingual policy, , Martin’s roadmap for effective change, Chetan’s, straight from the heart, practical advice, Manish’s onslaught and George stuffing the elephant into the London double decker!

      Jeez! i don’t recall the name of a single dish i ate.

  1. niqueluz Post author

    Great to hear your thoughts on the topic!

    On India’s best-selling English language author, Chetan B’s speech, I was mighty impressed on hearing of his principalled, humanitarian approach to publishing his novels. Retailing at just Rs. 95 across the country, Chetan echoed the sentiment of Mr Som Mittal (SM) Pres. Of Nasscom, who asserted that English as a driver for economic progress and development is a question of ‘access’.

    CB has shown one thing: there are lakhs of people out there willing to pick up an English novel and give it a chance. That is a big deal, and well done Chetan Bhagat for that.

  2. Anupma Diddi

    If tribals in Bastar are reading CB’s books and self-teaching themselves English, i guess the academically marginalised in cities too can give it a shot. Thinking of gifting a dozen of CB’s books to a school library in Mumbai and following it up with a book discussion.

    What do you think, will it do anybody any good?


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