English in the corporate sector

The 2008 NASSCOM Everest report warned that the ITES sector in India needs to recruit beyond the ‘ready to eat’ pool of talented graduates. With BPO expanding into 2nd and 3rd tier cities and even into rural areas, what does this mean for the future of the Indian corporate sector? How can India take advantage of its demographic dividend (nearly half the population is under 25)? What measures are necessary in the education and corporate sectors, and who is responsible. These are some of the questions we will be debating at the Third Policy Dialogue in Delhi, 19-20 Nov. What are your views?

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2 thoughts on “English in the corporate sector

  1. Anamika Basu

    Dear Stephen,

    With the BPOs expanding into the second and third tier states in India, It becomes all the more important for the corporate sector to take up some responsibility in getting the graduate and undergraduate population ”up to the mark”. This would mean providing them with basic foundational training on corporate etiquette, communicative skills, and cultural competence. i have worked with a leading BPO and know these initiatives are well received by the college students and authorities. Colleges too can have some inbuilt trainings in their curriculum that can groom the students for a prospective job.

  2. bpo

    English is playing a vital role in today’s world..it is important and an investment in personality development, education and self improvement…it recognizes that in order to be successful, and gain the respect and trust of others, one first has to invest in themselves….


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