Greatest British contribution in Madras to Modern India

British contribution has been manifold in making this city of Madras a modern metropolis where peace flourished and the essentially conservative citizens lived happily.
Proper Infrastructure is the key critical component for any developmental activity to take off successfully. The greatest contribution of the British has been in the provision of this infrastructure in terms of road and rail links, construction of buildings that are today the landmarks of the city of Madras. A lot of care and meticulous planning has gone into the execution of this work. Their completed projects have successfully stood the test of time. Even a century old building stands like a rock today while the projects executed in recent times fall like a pack of cards. This all the more highlights the quality of contribution and significance of the British work which is commendable. Today we are struggling to maintain and bring up structures of the same standards.
We tend to compare what we have today with those that the British had provided. Their work becomes the standard, the base for evaluation of the work on hand.
Hats off to the British for their contribution in providing the foundation for a vibrant, modern Madras and placing in not just on the Indian map but also on the world map for all to take note of .
Like it or not, one cannot deny the valuable contribution the British have made in India particularly in Madras.

Post by: M.S.Vaidyanathan, Runner Up Winner

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