Green conference?

Hello from a wet and soggy Chennai,

I’ll be interested to see if there are any eco-friendly initiatives at the Third Policy Dialogue next week and report back via this blog.

My question is; what changes can be made to conferences to make them greener and more environmentally friendly? Please send in your suggestions and comments.

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6 thoughts on “Green conference?

  1. Stephen Jenner

    Hi Philip (from a dry, autumnal Delhi). One way of making a conference greener is to put it online – cyberspace is very eco friendly and low carbon!

  2. Uma

    Scribble pads can be made out of all discarded side…All handouts etc to be kept to the minimum..and tea,coffee to only be served in glassware….

    Good to know that recycled paper is being used….
    Could keep a green bin and folks can throw their used paper/flyers etc into that for recycling once again…

  3. Philip Clegg Post author

    I think the conference could have been more eco-friendly by reducing the use of colour printing for things like parallel session cards and by using more recycled paper for the programme and brochures.


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