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  1. Susan Hillyard

    Hi Clare,
    I’m a (now freelance) teacher trainer, workshop facilitator, NILE trainer and materials writer based in Argentina and am really looking forward to seeing how you planned, developed and implemented your “Silent Revolution”

    I’m a trained educational dramatist and fully believe in activity based English Language Learning. Am working hard to promote this form of ELT in Argentina and other countries. I hope to learn a lot from this presentation.
    Susan H

    1. clareod Post author

      Hello Susan

      The Tamil Nadu project has been very interesting to work on, the SSA ( (Education for All) have had experience in rolling out large scale change projects, so I have also learnt a lot. We were able to use their expertise and knowledge to ensure that the English programme had as much impact in the classroom as possible.

      Clare O’Donahue Senior Training Consultant (Project English) British Council Division I British Deputy High Commission I 737 Anna Salai I Chennai 600 002 T + 91 (0) 44 4205 0715 F +91 (0) 44 4205 0688 Email: clare.odonahue@in.britishcouncil.org Web: http://www.britishcouncil.org.in/projectenglish

  2. Uma

    Hi Clare,

    I like the term Silent Revolution…..Really wish we could post all the feedback received from both Master trainers and teachers regarding the impact that this project is having both on their teaching skills and on the children…Hope that this project gets to phase two in TN and Phase 3 in Kerala…

  3. selvaraj

    hi clare
    hello madam I am one of the master trainer.my life style changed for the good after attending the 10 days training programme. Your presentation in harrogate vision to the village along with Aruna rathanam is quiet interesting.

  4. jagadeesh ms

    Hi Clare I am jagadeesh ms teacher from karnataka India.I have recently attended TEACHER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME.as a master trainer & it was really useful one .It. has given me basic cofidence to train teachers and teach well in the class .I really want to develop my English language & teaching skills further .PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SHALL I EXPECT FROM U AND BRITISH COUNCIL. I am really thankful to u for such wonderful training.

    1. clare.odonahue@britishcouncil.org

      Hi Jagadeesh

      Thanks for contacting me. In fact British Council is still working in Karnataka rolling out a 5 day programme to all primary teachers. We would like to continue to support the Master trainers in Karnataka and will let you know when we are able to finalise any programme.

      Very best wishes


  5. k jagadeesh chandra bose

    when will you give master trainers training for the training given to primary school teachers in 2012?


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