Kasvi’s magazines suggestions

Suggestions for the names of the magazine-
Sparkling teens
Teen times
Teen world
Teen society
Ideas for the class magazine-
To start with-
1. The first page can have the aim of the magazine. Like a short note or a quote.
2. The pages followed can have articles and poems. (EXAMPLE- Bullying, Global Warming, Drug Abuse, How to deal with Pressure, etc)
3. The pages after that can have an Experts View.
4. Quizzes, and Puzzles.
5. Jokes and Riddles.
6. An interview.
7. Something interesting on Fashion or maybe anything else.
8. A few quotes and thoughts of the students from the class itself.
9. We can end the magazine with some kind of artwork.
10. A group photograph- The end
Also in the middle we can add a few advertisements in a funny way of imaginary products and some thoughts on the sides etc.

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