#MeetTheTeacher – Shailaja Mani

This Monday we bring you one of our wittiest and most spontaneous Teachers of English from our Chennai English Language Centre as she talks about her days as a student, a new word she learnt and much more!

Premila Lowe, Teacher of English at British Council, Chennai

Shailaja Mani

Priyanka (PC): Let’s start with an anecdote! Can you tell us an interesting anecdote that you recall from your days as a student?

Shailaja (SM): I remember not doing my Maths homework and having to sit on the floor outside the classroom to finish it. It was easier to finish it in groups and we missed the lesson for the day which meant we couldn’t do our homework the following day either! The only problem was we got caught one day when the principal, Sister Agnes, came around on her rounds. I think we did all our homework perfectly after that day!

PC: Why did you become a Teacher of English?

SM: I’ve always loved teaching. I think it’s what us Apha-types do when our families stop listening to us! We find a bunch of unsuspecting people who can’t escape our clutches and unleash our teacher-self on them!

PC: What are students at the British Council like?

SM: A mixed bag, as students everywhere are.

PC: We have a lot of students asking us how they can improve their speaking skills. What is your advice to them?

SM: Take risks! To master a language you must use it.

PC: Have you learnt a new word recently? Tell us about it.

SM: Yes! A student at the intermediate level used this word in class- Sprezzatura: it means doing something with a studied nonchalance that makes it look effortless.

PC: If you got a chance to go #BacktoSchool as a student, what is the one thing that you would like to learn and unlearn?

SM: I would like to forget that I ever had to learn something called Calculus! I would love to learn at least two more languages- Italian/ Spanish and Arabic!

By Priyanka Chandan, Marketing Manager, English Language Centre, Chennai.

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