Most popular food item

H ello from a cool and sunny New Delhi.

I’ve just been sampling the buffet breakfast here at the conference venue, the Hyatt hotel, with my colleagues. The verdict on the hotel food so far has been very positive. There’s lots of variety and it all seems very fresh.

The smoked salmon was easily the most popular item on my table, though being vegetarian,  I did not partake. Everyone also enjoyed the salad and bakery selections. Ice cream was also on offer for breakfast, including a ‘roasted muesli flavour’.

Please send in your comments on the hotel food and what is tickling your taste buds.

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11 thoughts on “Most popular food item

    1. Philip Clegg Post author

      chickpeas (gram) are beans and they were baked! The only difference is they didn’t come out of a tin!

  1. Duncan

    Yesterday, they had kidney beans in tomato sauce which were delicious, nearly the same texture as good old British beans.

  2. Stephen

    I missed breakfast this moring, but I’ll be queuing for the smoked salmon tomorrow morning!

    Julian – baked beans are not good for long term well being, I’ve heard.

  3. Philip Clegg Post author

    The desserts are impressing many, especially at the last tea break (day 1 15.00 IST). Just an hour after lunch, eyes were popping and jaws were dropping at the array of chocolate delights on offer, from a cheese cake, to creme brulee and white and dark truffles.
    I tried the chocolate cheese cake – for research purposes only, of course – and I gave it an 8 out of 10.
    What did you think?

  4. julianparry

    There were cakes in the break? I only got as far as the coffee :(

    Stephen, I’m sure my mum said beans are good for you!

    Philip, they were technically beans and may have been baked but I’d go for tins from Heinz any day!

  5. niqueluz

    we need a universal benchmark to assess the quality of this grub.

    The salmon was C2 but the chickpeas were not ‘ready to eat’.


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