National Finals: Day 1 & 2

WoW what a brilliant 24 hours of an intellectual festival it has been? We’re here at New Delhi witnessing the National Final rounds of Debating Matters India that guarantees you adventure all throughout…

Day I – 14 Jan ‘10

A brilliant day with some amazing expert witness session for the participating schools followed by an Inspiration event featuring the top opinion makers discussing the benefits and limitation of Alternative Medicine..

Some schools arrived pretty late with full credits to the non-cooperating Delhi weather nevertheless

Day II

Two rounds of the morning preliminary debates are through.. the best minds from minds from East and North India put together a fantastic show.. The lunch time debates are still in the process of getting over.

I’ll come back and get the results published post – event.We have the question time and a free time film show up for the kids…

So long.

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One thought on “National Finals: Day 1 & 2

  1. Warpe Smita

    I am Smita Warpe, Teacher, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce. Our team had got in all three topics related to the field of medical science. Next time Can you introduce topics pertaining to other issues but not necessarily only one branch of science?
    I think it will be a great experience to listen to the intellectual discussions on variety of topics.


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