Neenaz & Yasir’s Ace Teens, Class of 2013

What I love about these biopoems is that they allow us to get to know each other though our likes and fears, ambitions, achievements and dreams. I hope you enjoy the biopoems of the Ace Teens class of Summer School 2013 as much as we did. They are wonderful reflections of the spirit of these really very interesting young people!

Neenaz Ichaporia, Teacher, British Council India

B for biopoem

Tall, kind and honest
Son of Gurvinder Singh and Kawaljeet Kaur
Loves to work on computers and do creative work
Scared of failure and less marks in tests
Has got a scholar badge for two years
Who hopes to be a software engineer from IIT
And wants to make the worlds most useful software.

Kind happy lucky
Friend sister cousin
watching T.V playing Mother
Dogs Sneaks Dark
Won a baskekball match
Running 1 mile in 1hour
Visitng usa, meeting 1d,jb, snow in Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan

tall, friendly, talkative
sister of Abhimanyu
loves to shop, cook and chat
who sometimes feels excited, childish and emotional
sometimes who is afraid of water and heights
who got her first scholarship in school
she hopes to be a fashion designer or a doctor
resident of East Delhi

Friendly, funny, helpful, responsible.
Friend of Udit, Brother of Vaibhav.
Loves to sleep on the lap of nature, playing guitar, making friends.
Who feels lazy all the time and sometime exited too.
Who’s afraid of spiders, crackers, standing at a height.
Who won a swimming competition at 9.
Who wants to experience life as a pilot as well as a guitarist.
Resident of Anand Vihar.

Friendly, short, enthusiastic
Daughter of Sumit Chugh and Shalini Chugh
Loves shopping, reading books & playing
Who feels excited on her birthdays and on weekends
Who is afraid of staying alone at home
Who won a tennis match in her school
Who wishes to become a doctor, resident of East Delhi

Optimistic, energetic and friendly
Is a friend, a sister and a daughter
Loves doodling, chocolates and travelling
Who feels suprised on birthdays and lazy on weekdays,
Who fears lizards, exams and the sea,
Who’s been to Germany alone, who plays the violin beautifully
Who hopes to own a chocolate factory,
Delhi, india

Friend of Dhruv and Manan
Loves music, sports and friends
Memory of being a champ
Scared of deep waters and heights
Who won a gold and learned piano
Who hopes to play the guitar and to always be with friends
Resident of Model Town

Kind, helpful, friendly, ambitious
Friend of Om, Shamit, Sagar
Who loves friends, kids, aircraft,
Who feels shy going to new places & meeting new people.
Who is scared of heights & ghosts,
Who performed a play on stage when he was 4 years old
Who wants to go into space,
Resident of New Delhi, CHOUDHARY.

Besties are Kartik,Mridul and Arpit
Loves to sing and explore new things
Afraid of Depth,darkness and exams
Received siver medal in singing
Wants to become CEO of an big MNC
Wants to buy the ASTON MARTIN 177
Wants to help poor people to gey out of poverty.
Resident of Janak Puri.

Clumsy, optimistic, helpful, friendly
Son of Jai and Hemanti Kukreti
Loves to play badminton, listen to music, read novels
Who feels excited on weekends and loves to eat street food
Who is scared of loosing friends and relationship
Who learned cooking at 11
Who wants to visit the Bahamas and hopes to represent the nation in badminton
Resident of Vasundhara

Shy, enthusiastic, cheerful
Friend of Varun, Vikram, Vishesh
Love to play piano, volleyball and draw
Who feels over excited when he reaches a place
Who is afraid of dogs and cats
Who has performed at a concert
Who hopes to become a great pianist
Who lives in New Delhi

Athletic, tall, musician, strong
Loves Basketball, football and Xbox
Who feels happy while helping others
Who won his first tournament at the age of 10
Who wishes to watch a live basketball game
Lives in Gurgaon, Sector-57

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