Magazine ideas

Suggested Names-

· Teen charm

· Teen life

· Teenzine

· Teen world

· Chutzpah

· Cart- teen

· Young achievers

· Sparkling teens

· Budding teens

· Teen society

· Budding chinai

· Teen times or Young times

· World Transformer teens or Teens transforming the world/society

Suggested Content (articles, poems, jokes, interviews, expert’s view, parents’ view)-

· Basic life skills

· Bringing change in the society(changing the mindset)

· Daily routine

· Hobbies

· Gadgets and new technology

· CCE education system

· What types of exercises should be done to maintain physical as well as mental fitness

· Generation gap –(nuclear families in urban areas)

· Difference between the life style of teen in 20 and 21 century

· Problems faced by teens (eg: drug abuse, addiction to social networking sites, peer pressure, stress, depression, obesity)

· Solutions to these problems

· Fashion followed by the teens (eg: music, clothes , dance)

· Speak out and write right course learning experience

· Inspirational quotes by famous people (in the end)



Loving, confident, smiley, optimistic, clumsy, responsible

Daughter of Jyoti, friend of Supreet and granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Saluja

Who loves to read books, play badminton, study and go out with friends

Who felt elated when became the House Captain and creative when wrote the first poem of her life with her friend

She is afraid of lizards, darkness and travelling by air

Participates in inter-school competitions, enjoys school activities and performs excellently in class

She hopes to see herself slim, independent and successful in future and prays to god for everyone’s happiness

A resident of Noida

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