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Winning and losing

There are three kinds of people in this world, first, people who want change, second, people who simply don’t care, and third, people who are the change. Most of us belong to the second or first category; in fact I myself would be lying if I say I belonged to the third category. What is needed today is the conversion of people to the third category and that is what Debating Matters is all about.

Debating Matters is not about superficially arguing and advocating something you find preposterous. It is the change that it brings with it. From listening to experts debating to questioning the very existence of India’s democracy Debating Matters teaches you much more. The various motions touch upon the issues that need the youth’s attention. The amount of research and preparation required for any topic forces you to go deep into the issues and understand the problems that encompass today’s society. It shows you the sorry condition of today but teaches you that change will not drop down from the heavens; rather we will have to strive for it.

In a country filled with the “Wal’s” and the “marts”, where the internationally acclaimed soft power of a country is augmented when every terrorist gets VIP treatment, where liking a post on Facebook puts you behind bars but where politicians get away scot free with religious jibes , the youth needs to rise up and fight. Debating Matters provides a perfect platform for the youth to understand the functionless and stagnant limbo in which we live and raise our voices against it. It teaches us not to adapt but to adopt.

Winning and losing seems insignificant after the three days at Debating Matters. Debating Matters is something beyond just debating; it is after all, the experience that counts. It gives you a view of the reality and instills in you the desire to rise and to bring about change. Be it rape cases or India’s deteriorating political situation, Debating Matters gives you the opportunity to step up and paint your picture of a perfect India and then work towards it.

Sudhir Dhoot
Don Bosco, Park Circus

Don Bosco, Park Circus

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