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IITB, Mumbai starts again

British Council India will start its second training intervention at IIT Bombay (Mumbai) in August 2016 for another two years. After the success of General English courses for first year B tech students, IIT Bombay has renewed its partnership with the British Council.

The training intervention started in 2014 and entailed training students who need to develop English proficiency so that they have improved study skills (to understand subjects taught through the medium of English) and are able to communicate confidently in English.

We trained 4 batches or 80 students each year (60 hours/two terms); who were aware that the ability to communicate in English would directly influence their performance.

Our lessons were activity-based and sought to engage the learners; it gave learners an opportunity to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills along with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The students could track their progress through continuous assessments during the course and received regular feedback from the teachers. The teachers ensured that learner training threads were an integral part of the sessions as that encouraged the students to be confident users of English who could take charge of their learning.

Students in their testimonials stated that they particularly liked the interactive methodology used in the classroom and found the teachers to be friendly and supportive. Most students emphasised that they had acquired more confidence to speak English not only in the class but outside the classroom too.

Teaching Assistants (3rd year students) and Student Mentors at IIT Bombay played a big part in making English lessons a success as they not only motivated the students to attend lessons but also set up weekend activities for learning English.

We look forward to making the next two years a bigger success!

For more information on English communication skills courses please visit here. If you represent an organisation and want to enquire about English communication skills courses please fill the form here and we will get in touch with you.

Post by Kamini Taneja

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