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At what age should English be taught?

I’m going to be moderating a session titled ‘Education for all’ on the second day of the conference. This parallel session aims to throw light on the experiences and challenges faced by state governments when trying to implement English across the primary level. One question that always crops up when we talk about primary English education is; at what age should English be taught? As well as focussing on the child, this question often raises important issues surrounding a primary teacher’s English language proficiency, their educational background and their experience and qualifications. What are your views on implementing English at the primary level?

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What variety of English should be taught?

There is an ongoing debate here in Sri Lanka about which variety of English should be taught and tested in schools:  Sri Lankan English or international English.  Industry seems to support international English but there are strong voices from Academia which insist that Sri Lankan English is the variety that must be taught and tested.  What do you think?

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Bilingual Education

In Sri Lanka there are around 600 bilingual schools.  All children study English as a subject from 1st grade but in bilingual schools children can opt to study 3 or 4 subjects in the medium of English from grade 5 onwards.  The number of bilingual schools is set to double by 2011.  What’s the situation in India?

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Green conference?

Hello from a wet and soggy Chennai,

I’ll be interested to see if there are any eco-friendly initiatives at the Third Policy Dialogue next week and report back via this blog.

My question is; what changes can be made to conferences to make them greener and more environmentally friendly? Please send in your suggestions and comments.

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NASSCOM President to attend British Council event

The line up for the British Council’s English for Progress: Third Policy Dialogue looks impressive, with NASSCOM President Mr. Som Mittal set to speak during the first panel discussion on Thursday morning 19th November at the Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.

Some background information…The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is the most important trade body of the IT and BPO industries in India. It has more than 1200 members, which include both Indian and multinational companies that have a presence in India, including the British Council . NASSCOM’s membership base makes up over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 2.24 million professionals.

Don’t miss the coverage we will be giving to this event, live and online!

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Welcome to English for Progress online

Hello everyone, my name is Stephen and I am managing English for Progress online. This is our, virtual, version of the Third Policy Dialogue. We’ve tried to make this ‘invitation only’ event interactive and open to a much wider audience with using blogs, twitter and live session web streams and recordings. We’d love to have your feedback on EfPonline, and your opinions on the key questions we will be debating in Delhi 18-20 Nov:

What are the challenges and opportunities of English in the education sector?

Will English continue to be the ‘language of business’?

Is English a driver for development or an obstacle?

Are you a teacher, a policy maker, a learner? What are your views?

Don’t miss David Graddol’s major new research ‘English India Next’ which we are introducing at the Third Policy Dialogue. A recording of his keynote address will be available on 19 Nov. See www.britishcouncil.org.in/efponline for details.




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Nandan Nilekani at the British Council Delhi

Hello surfers, bloggers, twitterers et al.,

Excitment is starting to build for the British Council’s English for Progress Third Policy Dialogue, Delhi, so I thought I’d share some of it with you.

The British Council will be playing host to Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), former CEO of Infosys Technologies and Author of  ‘Imagining India: Ideas for the New Century’. He will be one of four distinguished guests to speak at the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday evening 18th November at the British Council premises in New Delhi.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you’ll be able to catch all the action as we stream the event live on the internet.

Keep watching this space for more exciting news in the build up to Delhi ’09

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Countdown to Third Policy Dialogue, Delhi…

Hello surfers!

I’m Philip, a Senior Training Consultant for Project English based in Chennai and I’m one of the official ‘English for Progress’ bloggers.

I’ll be covering the conference in Delhi with participants’ impressions and reactions to what is being presented.  I will also be wondering the venue during breaks and lunch in the hope of shooting a few short video interviews with speakers and delegates, as well as covering the social evening, the venue, the food…and more!

I’ll be uploading stuff ‘live’ as it happens, so make sure you blog on to catch everything as it happens. Until next time…

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