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Keep tuned in!

Dear readers,

First, thanks to all of you for your comments on our blog posts so far. It’s been a fantastic discussion! The conference will officially start this evening, with the introduction to David Graddol’s English Next India. You’ll be able to watch a recording of the event the next morning. Over the next two days every plenary session will be streamed live (and recorded). To access the session pages go to the Third Policy Dialogue programme page at www.britishcouncil.org/india-projects-english-tpdschedule.htm. You can then click through to each session page where you’ll see:

the real time of the session
the abstract and speaker’s bio and their PowerPoint presentation
a link to the film page

On the film page you can choose to watch the live stream (either low or high speed, depending on your internet connection) or the recording. We are aiming to have all recordings uploaded during the actual conference. Also on the film page we’ve put a comments box – just enter your name and email address (so that we can verify you are a real person!) and write what you think of the session. All the comments will be archived.

Finally, keep reading this blog. We have a team of dedicated bloggers – myself, Philip, Seamus, Clare, Nick and Cath – who will be posting their impressions of the sessions. We’ll also be live blogging the content of sessions on our Twitter account at http://twitter.com/efponline, so you don’t have to miss a thing! If you have a specific question for any of the speakers, post it to the blog and we’ll try to get it answered.

I hope you enjoy the conference and that the online coverage will help you to become a real participant.

Best wishes,


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