The Blue City

Day 5 was a trip to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. The drive up to the fort begins to reveal the majestic presence it holds across the city. We were met by our guide for the day. The foundations of the fort were laid in 1459 by Rao Jodha and it has never been invaded. The fort is therefore considered one of the mightiest forts of all time and one of the most spectacular forts in South Asia. The fort was donated by the maharaja as a public building and has since been turned into one of the best museums in India. The tours included the beautiful Period Rooms, impressive collections of palanquins, elephant howdahs, cradles, paintings, weapons …the magnificent heritage of the Rathores of Marwar – Jodhpur.

The terraces of the fort offer a view across the blue city – the maze of buildings in the old town painted in a distinct blue which provides the eye with a vision fitting to the fort that overlooks it. The indigo blue paint not only reflects sunlight to keep the homes cool but also act as mosquito repellents.

Part of our tour  included an explanation of the water harvesting system of the fort, past and present.  We were guided through the old town, again shown the old water management systems. These are no longer used within the city following the connection of the Indira Gandhi canal to provide the city’s water.

The narrow streets of old Jodhpur were bustling and vibrant. The International Champions were dazed by the interaction between, humans, animals and vehicles.  A dose of ‘retail therapy’ was needed after such a packed week so we explored the many shops offering local textiles and handicrafts. A great day for all.

Jessica McQuade, International Climate Champion, UK 

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