Welcome to English for Progress online

Hello everyone, my name is Stephen and I am managing English for Progress online. This is our, virtual, version of the Third Policy Dialogue. We’ve tried to make this ‘invitation only’ event interactive and open to a much wider audience with using blogs, twitter and live session web streams and recordings. We’d love to have your feedback on EfPonline, and your opinions on the key questions we will be debating in Delhi 18-20 Nov:

What are the challenges and opportunities of English in the education sector?

Will English continue to be the ‘language of business’?

Is English a driver for development or an obstacle?

Are you a teacher, a policy maker, a learner? What are your views?

Don’t miss David Graddol’s major new research ‘English India Next’ which we are introducing at the Third Policy Dialogue. A recording of his keynote address will be available on 19 Nov. See www.britishcouncil.org.in/efponline for details.




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One thought on “Welcome to English for Progress online

  1. Susan Hillyard

    Hi Stephen,
    Checking in as promised.
    I can see there’s great excitement over there and I’m so thrilled to be able to join you at least virtually. Living in Argentina often keeps us unconnected with the hubs of activity around the world but this grand effort makes us feel linked at last. Thank you so much!
    Susan H


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