Young Creative Entrepreneur 2011 Winners

Here are the background details of the 2011 winners of the Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards from India.


Ganesh Ram, eMahatva Technologie

Using Mobile for a Positive Change is the focus of Ganesh Ram’s eMahatva Technologie. It is a technology start-up that was developed with support from VIT University’s Technology Business Incubator, working on technologies catering to the Future of Publishing, i.e., on Mobile Phones, Tablets and enabling publishing in Indian languages even on devices that do not support this natively.


Pranav Ashar, Enlighten Film Society

Having launched Enlighten Film Society in 2007, Pranav Ashar has been able to createIndia’s largest film society. In 2008 Enlighten launched its DVD label and has been able to launch upto 100 titles in the market including masterpieces as The Bicycle Thief (1949) and Children of Heaven (1997). His expanding film society has about 1000 members and growing. In 2009, Ashar bought DearCinema to create a basis for sharing knowledge with the public on varied and dissimilar platforms. He has now started working on distributing film merchandise, an untapped market inIndia, to further diversify the platform for sharing information and transforming it into knowledge.


Abhijit Bansod, Studio ABD

Abhijit Bansod is a quirky designer whose products connect deeply with the user by telling vivid stories, by overlaying the familiar with the new and surprising. He believes in celebrating creativity that combines fragments of Indian tradition with cutting-edge technology, and fuse cultural motifs with new age thinking. Propelled by humour, craft, rituals, people, situations and Indian heritage, he creates products that speak a unique language – an Indian design vocabulary. Abhijit’s Studio ABD, is a multi disciplinary design studio that works on design experience services (product, branding and spaces) for clients and creates and markets their own products. His creations have won him many national and international awards, including the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2010 and Best Designer Award in 2008.

Performing arts

Vijay Prabhat Kamalakara, Storytrails India

Vijay Prabhat is the founder of Storytrails, a company that uses storytelling to design alternative tours for visitors and to design curriculum based workshops and experiential outings for children. Storytrails is based on the core belief – that there is a fascinating story behind everything we see and it is an attempt to research, script and creatively present these stories through theme based trails. Their work involves using storytelling as a communication tool. All their trails are completely scripted and hosted by storytellers and use a mix of storytelling, theatre, music, dance and hands-on activities to make the process of discovery an enjoyable one for the audience.


Titash Neogi, Sievelogic Software

Titash is a software engineer by profession and a business management / IT major by qualification who worked with Symantec Corp, US for 7 years before starting his own company – Sievelogic Software and building Bibkosh is the world’s first Knowledge Curation platform that allows academics, students and professionals to create and curate knowledge and collaborate with friends over this created and curated knowledge. With information having become truly democratised, Bibkosh gives everyone the opportunity to become a social knowledge curator using both the information from the net as well as the social web.


Aneeth Arora, péro

Aneeth Arora calls herself a ‘textile and dress maker’, an artist who weaves her own canvas, before starting to paint on it. Her label péro ‘ means ‘to wear’ in Marwari and interprets international  aesthetic using local material and skills, taking inspiration from the surrounding to make a product that connects with people, wherever in the world it is placed. The organization is into menswear, women’s wear and kids wear employing over 80 craftspeople. The label currently sells through 60 shops, across 15 countries. They participate in the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and since September 2009 have been showcasing consistently at the Tranoi Fashion week in Paris, White Basement in Milan, Gallery in Copenhagenand Coterie in New Yorkin 2010.  


Aishwarya Natarajan, Indianuance

Aishwarya is the director of Indianuance, an artist management and concert programming outfit that is dedicated to Indian classical music and its allied forms. Under the realm of artist management it acts as representatives to musicians for live performances, new media channels, recording contracts and is ever alert to unconventional, new avenues and formats. Aishwarya considers herself to be a creative person; an artist and believes that there is always that ‘other’ idea that nobody has explored.

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